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Glamuzina Architects

Katikati House

Tuapiro is situated on the beach front in the inner harbour between Waihi to the North, and Mt Maunganui to the south. The site is part of a very subdued suburban subdivision which was developed from farm land that still makes up the majority of the surrounding area. Carefully mown lawns, birdbaths and brick and tile houses proliferate on the surrounding lots, forming a confused context from which to investigate the site.

The site itself extends a history which is buried underneath the rural topsoil. A Maori pa was once situated on Tuapiro point. An Archaeological survey of the site reveals the potential for significant objects related to pre European Maori settlement in the area. 

The new house surrounds a sunken courtyard which cuts into the centre of the site, allowing an investigation of the subsurface conditions by an archaeological investigation. The house forms a perimeter with a living pavilion to the southeast, and another longer gabled pavilion to the southwest. The two pavilions are connected by a thin gallery space which creates an entry from the driveway. 

A tapering basalt stone wall draws a line across the northwest boundary affording protection from the prevailing winds and privacy from the neighbours. The pavilions are clad with horizontal cedar shiplap, which weathers accordingly with its beachfront environment. The courtyard is open to the beachfront, ramping up to the road boundary, and allowing unfettered access from the court to the beach. To the southwest the pavilion wall is broken open creating a framed view of the mountains beyond.