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Glamuzina Architects is an Auckland based practice established in 2014. We strive to produce architecture that is crafted, contextual and clever. Rather than seeking a particular outcome we value a design process that is rigorous and collaborative.

When designing we look to the context of a project beyond just its immediate physical location to the social, political, historical and economic conditions of place. This results in architecture that is uniquely tailored to the context it sits within.

We work on many different types of projects across a range of scales; from small interiors to large public buildings. Regardless of a project's budget we always prefer to work smart, using a creative mix of materials, light and volume in preference to elaborate finishes or complex detailing.

Our designs have been recognised for their excellence and innovation, winning many national and local awards including a New Zealand Architecture Award and Here Magazine Award for Casper's House in 2022.


  • Dominic Glamuzina

    Dominic Glamuzina

    Dominic Glamuzina founded the practice Glamuzina Architects Ltd so as to satisfy his ambition of creating a design-focused architectural studio that would deliver on the motivations and strengths of his own commitment and the architectural team working with him.

    From graduation through to present day, Dominic has been delivering award winning architectural projects from small to large scale and across the spectrum of Architectural disciplines. The common thread to each of these projects is a rigorous research processes, engaging with landscape, context, construction and programmatic explorations through conceptual and formal operations.

  • Chris Smaill

    Chris Smaill

    Throughout the course of his employment Christopher Smaill has worked at a series of award winning design orientated practices and has gained experience across a wide spectrum of architectural projects, specialising in Large scale apartment housing, all aspects of private residential work as well as commercial projects from major office fit-outs to new build.

    Christopher joined Glamuzina Architects as an associate at the formation of the company in 2015. During this time Christopher has continued working and delivering on commercial and residential projects while working in a management role within the office, overseeing staff and handling the day to day running of the practice.


  • Bailey Nolet
  • James Sievers
  • Katie Braatvedt
  • Shelly Clement


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