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Glamuzina Architects

Riddell Road


The house activates the site as a mechanism for viewing. Its diagram is a simple radial stretching of the panorama capturing both changing sun and view. Anchored to the site on one end, and floating above the road at the other. From the road the house is held behind a protective timber weather screen, a perforated wall which seeks to both shield through its mass and dissolve to a human scale through detail. Entry occurs through a split in the wall at the point of maximum surface tension. Circulation through the main level is along the face of the glass and is reversed on the upper level as a sky lit gallery. Spaces within the house are treated as separate interchangeable components ready to take on the individual personalities of their occupants. This allows for a generous diversity of characters to exist within the framework. Relationships between spaces are programmatically dissolved through shared amenities, bathrooms on the upper level and outdoor entertaining and pool area on the main level.