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Eighthirty - Anzac Ave

Conceived by the client as a coffee lab, Eighthirty Anzac Avenue showcases coffee ‘end to end,’ from production right through to consumption. The new premises, a long thin space on the ground floor of the 1920s Tasman Building, celebrates both the ‘back end’ of truck deliveries, bean roasting, bagging and distribution along with the ‘front end’ of retail, coffee tasting and café.

The key moves in addressing the multi-faceted program culminated in the arrangement of 4 large objects: counters, furniture and coffee roaster. These objects divide the long space into lanes, directing the flow of customers, staff, deliveries and dispatch, providing an efficient workflow and providing belts of workflow and allowing passage without interruption. The two large counters run the length of the roastery, flanked by a wire leaner and bench seat. The polished, stainless steel coffee roaster stands staunchly in the corner as the protagonist of the space.

While the diagram of the space remains clear and simple, the objects themselves allowed for an indulgence in their craft and materiality. 

This project expands on the three previous fit-outs Glamuzina Architects has done for Eighthirty. While none are the same, they all have been approached with a clear yet distinct design strategy, from the layout and functionality of the space down to the resolute detailing. Rather than using an abundance of logos, Eighthirty prefers to showcase their brand with well designed spaces that exemplify the same craft and meticulous care that they take when preparing their coffee.

Photographer: Sam Hartnett